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The Teaching and Scholarship Podcast

The Teaching and Scholarship Podcast is a collaboration between The University of Southampton's Centre for Higher Education Practice (CHEP) and the Medical Education Innovation Network (Faculty of Medicine). It is intended to be of interest to all teaching focused academics in higher education who strive towards teaching excellence and wish to innovate their practice. The podcast aims to promote and raise the profile of teaching excellence within university education.


We talk to educational leaders and Innovators to discuss their approaches and perspectives on a number of key educational questions. In season 1, we track down a number of individuals who have an established track record for educational innovation and/or leadership at The University of Southampton. We thought we would ask them a few tricky questions too! For example, what does innovation mean and is it the same as teaching excellence? Can the Teaching Excellence Framework accurately measure how good an institution's calibre of teaching really is, and what do the results of the NSS really tell us? 

Many of the rich conversations in this podcast discuss how to progress your career through educational excellence, management, engagement and scholarship. As the number of teaching focused contracts have become more common across UK institutions each episode offers advice for those wishing to advance their careers on this pathway - not to be missed!

The host of the Teaching and Scholarship Podcast is Dr Scott Border who is currently a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton. His focus is on clinical anatomy education, particularly in the field of neuroscience, neurology and head & neck anatomy. His work involves using novel educational approaches through partnering with students in all aspects of their engagement. The national impact of this work was recognised in 2019 when he was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship.


Dr Scott Border

Dr Scott Border NTF Profile


Early on in the podcast we tracked down a number of high profile Educators at Southampton. The very first episode was Professor David Read, who is both a chemist and member of the Centre for Higher Education Practice. David is very well known across The University, both for his teaching innovations and his support and development of those on a teaching focused career track.


Professor David Read

Professor David Read NTF Profile


No podcast on the topic of higher education, worth its weight, would line up too many guests ahead of Professor Simon Kemp. Simon has been an early pioneer and continuing source of inspiration for many people, both at The University and beyond. The picture below was taken at the time of recording and we must say it was an absolute beauty!

Professor Simon Kemp

Professor Simon Kemp Profile

Another massive name in the world of education at Southampton is James Wilson. We caught up with James to chat about his leading developments in teaching through interactive theatre and how this has evolved to offer extensive contributions to public engagement.


James Wilson

James Wilson NTF Profile

There is lots of great education work going on in the Faculty of Medicine. One particular person who's work stands out is none other than Jude Holloway. She has built a centre of excellence through her MSc Allergy Masters programme and won countless institutional awards for online and face to face support for her students. Our only regret is that we forgot to take a picture of her at the time of recording. Our bad!

Professor Judith Holloway

Professor Judith Holloway NTF Profile