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The Teaching and Scholarship Podcast

The Teaching and Scholarship Podcast is formerly a collaboration between The University of Southampton's Centre for Higher Education Practice (CHEP) and The Faculty of Medicine). Its future is associated with The University of Glasgow and will continue its good work north of the border. It is intended to be of interest to all teaching focused academics in higher education who strive towards teaching excellence and wish to innovate their practice. The podcast aims to promote and raise the profile of teaching excellence within university education.

Apr 4, 2024

In this episode we chat to Rahaf Omran who is an Orthodontist (a what now?) a researcher, and an educator. She undertook her undergraduate and postgraduate training in Tishreen University Syria. In 2019. After that she began teaching dental students how to study dentistry in English, since Syria is the only country in the world that teaches dentistry solely in Arabic. This program became super popular among students there, and it was eventually adopted by Tishreen University as an optional subject in the curriculum. We chat about all this, her amazing success, plus her move to Glasgow and what it is like to be an educational influencer on Instagram!